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Tell Your Side Of The Story After Domestic Violence Charges

Disagreements constantly arise between family members, romantic partners and other loved ones. When those disagreements grow heated, they can lead to shouting, slammed doors and even family violence between loved ones.

The safety of both you and your loved ones is important. But some domestic violence charges are filed unfairly — perhaps your partner called the police in anger, or a concerned neighbor mistook a loud noise for an act of violence. In these situations, it's vitally important to tell your side of the story with the help of a qualified defense lawyer.

In other cases, when violence actually has occurred, attorney Elizabeth Frizell can help you navigate the legal process so that the consequences are not disproportionate to your actions.

Keep Your Life On Track In The Wake Of A Domestic Dispute

Domestic violence and assault charges can affect your life in unexpected ways. In the long term, these charges can make it difficult to apply for jobs, find housing or obtain loans. And in the short term, protective orders and other measures can deprive you of access to your own home, or prevent you from spending time with your children. In some cases, these disputes can lead to divorce and custody battles.

Elizabeth Frizell can help you assert your rights throughout the legal process so that your life can continue to run as smoothly as possible until your case is resolved.

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Attorney Elizabeth Frizell has served as a judge and an attorney in Texas for more than 20 years. In that time, she has helped hundreds of clients reach positive outcomes in their criminal and family law cases.

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