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About Elizabeth Davis Frizell

Everyone has a right to his or her day in court — and it's important to prepare for that day by hiring an experienced lawyer who understands your case and cares about your future. There is no criminal charge too big or too small for attorney Elizabeth Frizell. She can help those defending their driving record after a speeding ticket, as well as those facing charges as serious as murder.


A Lawyer Committed To Justice For Her Clients

Elizabeth Frizell's passion for justice began in childhood — for as long as she can remember, she debated current issues with her parents, who saw this as a talent and nurtured her abilities, encouraging her to pursue the field of law.

Her mother was a registered nurse and midwife. Frizell's father was hired as the first African-American architectural engineer by the city of Fort Worth and served as a pastor. Collectively, they taught her that the greatest gifts impacted the total life outcomes of others.

As she matured, she saw that some people were afraid to speak up for their rights, solidifying her desire to become an advocate for those who felt overwhelmed or lost in the legal system. She dedicated herself to serve as a voice for those who had no voice. She eventually served 19 years as a judge in municipal, county and district court before resuming her practice as a criminal and family law attorney.

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Attorney Elizabeth Frizell has served as a judge and an attorney in Texas for more than 20 years. In that time, she has helped hundreds of clients reach positive outcomes in their criminal and family law cases.

To see how Elizabeth Davis Frizell, Attorney at Law, can help with your legal needs, contact her online or call her at 469-251-4582  and schedule a free initial consultation in her Dallas office.

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